Alton Farmhouse – Ontariontario

Our work in the Ontario countryside leads us to vintage homes such as this century brick farmhouse, standing in the Caledon hills south of Orangeville.
In the first phase of work, the Owners asked us to design a kitchen and bedroom addition to accommodate their growing family. The original building was a pretty brick home with gingerbread wood trim built before 1900. The original maple plank floors were to be preserved, and the same style of double-hung windows maintained. We were asked to design a kitchen big enough for a breakfast area and a walk-in pantry. At the same time, a basement playroom featuring big south-facing windows could be built, as well as a generous master bedroom and ensuite at the 2nd floor level. From the kitchen area, french doors opened out onto a veranda and views of the countryside to the south.

In the second phase, the Owners now needed their own space for a home office and a work-out area. Enclosed garage parking for the cars was also a requirement. A new coachhouse was thus born. Happily, the style of the original farmhouse could also apply to this additional building. The signature dormer windows could be used at the 2nd floor of the coachhouse to bring light and views into the office and gym spaces. The traditional Ontario red-and-yellow brickwork of the older building has been integrated in the coachhouse façade as part of its family ties.

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