Jack Lake – Ontario

Up in the Kawartha Highlands, we were shown a densely forested property that offered great privacy for a cottage, while still affording good views over Jack Lake.

Only a few trees were taken down to make room for the new stone foundation. The Owners had a vision for the frontage on the lake. The prime views were to be shared by 3 places: a Living Room with fireplace; a Screened Porch; and a flagstone terrace set around the pines that populated the shoreline.

At the opposite end of the cottage, we made a Kitchen entrance serve as the funnel for family traffic entering the cottage, with a sheltering porch and ample counter and pantry spaces inside. Visitors might arrive via the stone terrace and front door, and find themselves in a Front Hall that features the nickel- gap pine paneling used throughout the cottage.

The plan incorporates good views. In the Living Room, big double-hung windows and sets of French doors open onto the long vista down the lake. From the adjoining Dining Room, one enjoys the same outlook. A pass-through from the Kitchen gives the cook the same opportunity to see into the Dining Room, through the Living Room and out to the lake.

We created an interior design that emphasizes local materials. Salvaged barn siding is laid down as flooring, and Parnell flagstone from Buckhorn is used in the Screened Porch. Lumber milled from the trees felled for the project was crafted into the ceiling beams in the Living Room, and for the fireplace mantel.

While the ground floor has a high ceiling, plunging roof planes create more intimate spaces on the 2nd floor. The Owners had said, “Make it roofy”, and we did. We also love window seats and built-in beds, and several bedrooms were given them. Finally, we made a sanctuary in a 2nd floor Study by using cedar shingles for the wall cladding, and placing big windows to look through the pines onto Jack Lake.

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