Homes are our specialty

We deal with houses. It might be a new house to replace an old one; or an old house needing a renovation. Perhaps it is for a property on which a new house or cottage might be built.


To build your Home

We deal with that very first decision to be made: how does this house project go forward? Of all the decisions that might be made, which are the most important? What will it cost, and what permits are needed?

We are seasoned veterans in construction, and will provide the timely advice needed by an Owner to be confident in their choices.


Our services

We can

  • Make contact with builders to quote the work
  • prepare the floor plans
  • help you in getting your building permit
  • assist you during the construction of your new home, addition or renovation
  • advise you about construction costs
  • advise how to hire a builder
  • negotiate on your behalf with your local Committee of Adjustment
  • represent you during the construction of your home when dealing with the builder and the authorities

We manage the project right through to completion of construction. Any issues to do with City Hall — building permits, variances and so on — can be handled by our office. Getting competitive bids from builders, and safeguarding your budget are important features of our service. We are on the construction site regularly to review the work as it gets built, which is very important — we are your professional eyes and ears, determining how the builder gets paid, and what work gets accepted.


Our Fees

Our fees vary, depending on the type of project you are planning. Every project is different! Renovations, for example, are assessed differently from new home construction. A feasibility study, or a preliminary budget to help you figure out what kind of cost you should anticipate for construction, is often performed first for a modest fee, to help you decide about going ahead. Call us to discuss your needs, and we can give you a better idea just what services your house project involves.