Halton Home

New Home — Georgetown, Ontario

On rolling farmland in Halton Hills, we were asked to fit a new stone house into place, adjoining a vintage barn and stables already there.

A happy coincidence allowed for locating the house on an empty side of the square already formed by the outbuildings, thus completing the square.

Planning the new home rose out of several interests: that the house would sit on a low rise, hidden from the sideroad; that the main rooms on the ground floor all had doors opening to the garden; that a veranda and a screened porch might offer comfort when sitting outside; and that, of the many good views available to the house interior, a clear sightline was made from the Kitchen back to the stables from which the horses could see their owners. Window sills too were made sufficiently low that the resident dogs could look out on the landscape.

A palette of materials and forms evolved based on the vernacular elements of Halton Hills, namely rough-dressed stone, wood siding and a steeply-pitched roofline to overhang the verandah. Dormers punctuate the roof, and all windows in the home can open to provide natural ventilation. A home office was designed for above the attached garage. Inside, a woodburning fireplace acts as a divider between the Living Room and Dining Room. Ceilings are high, and the simple finishes of walls and ceilings set off the hardwood plank flooring.

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