Toronto Home

Home renovation and addition — High Park, Toronto

The Owners of this property came to us with a wonderful dilemma: how might their home be expanded, now that they were having twins?

We were thrilled to collaborate on this project, which brought with it many challenges. Firstly, there was no room on the lot onto which an addition could be extended. Then there was the question of storage, already in short supply owing to the myriad of athletic equipment enjoyed by the parents. And how best to take advantage of the park views available to the east and west?

Our solution was to build a new third floor, extending the corkscrew staircase vertically, and making the new top floor the master suite, with children’s bedrooms on the floor below. Every part of the house was reinvented. A new laundry and television room were built, and the Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room were completely renovated with cabinetry, lighting and flooring. The second floor bathroom, dedicated to little girls, was gutted and replaced by a delightful essay in pink. But the literal high point in the work arrives on the third floor, where the Owners enjoy extraordinary views at treetop level. Having the entire floor at our disposal, we were able to provide the Owners with an open-plan bedroom, fireplace seating area, lounge space, Dressing Room and a five-piece bathroom.

Working in tandem with this office was Christine Hains of Environment by Design, who provided the interior design.

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