Muskoka Boathouse

New Boathouse — Lake Joseph, Muskoka

A client called us to ask what might be needed to shelter his antique boat. The project that followed was for a two-storey boathouse with living quarters over a boat slip, with the structure founded on steel piles driven into the lake bottom.

Only after the boathouse roof was complete could the beauty of the cedar shingles be really appreciated. The second floor deck can be seen here in the foreground, supported on solid hemlock columns.

The broad dock that wraps around the boathouse supports an upper deck. Upstairs, the Living Room opens onto the deck through a pair of French doors.

The boathouse materials and finishes were selected for their ability to blend with the landscape. The living quarters above enjoy dormer windows on all four sides of the roof.

We designed the Boathouse to show off the best of what we appreciated about Muskoka style: a modest scale, shiplad cladding, exposed rafter tails, cedar roof, and deeply overhanging eaves.

Even on a rainy day the combination of the cedar railings, decking and cedar roof makes for a magical outdoor space.

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