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Additions and Renovations

Once you have decided to move forward on a renovation or addition, your first question will probably be: how much will it cost?

Our advice would be: let us take measurements at your property and determine its size. Let us have a discussion about what you would like to do, and allow us to make sense of the different parts of your wish list. Let us check with the authorities what you can build, as of right.

Then we can table a budget for you. This is based on current construction costs, and will propose a timeline and a recommended start date. As well, there may be options that you may not have considered – different window system? An alternative to the space planning? — and these should be discussed for their economies or advantages.

Building in the off-season? Starting at high season? Winter construction? We can advise about those choices. Where to find a builder? Likewise, we can help source the right contractor for the work.

Before and after.

Write us with your ideas!