Hiring an Architect

Where to start

A first meeting, either at the property or at our office, is useful. Often there are questions about budget and timing that can be answered. How to get a building permit, how and when to hire a builder, are other  questions that need answers. Our expertise is to put all decisions in the right order, and to guide the owners through the design process.

Cost of the work

How much will it cost? Usually the first interview is enough for the office to produce a fee proposal to get the work done. We will help shape a budget with the owners and will offer ongoing advice about construction costs. Not every property or structure is the same, so it follows that the design requirements may vary too.

Why hire an architect?

Why hire an architect? Because clients don’t like risk when the success of their home is at stake. They want the best that they can afford, and a relationship of trust. Architects are not obliged to any particular builder or product. They work for the joy of good design, and to build cost-efficiently. Architects are trained to tailor the owners’ budget for each item built into a house. Peter Prangnell’s expression, “Economy of means; generosity of ends” means that a client’s budget translates into the most elegant and functional of all possible designs. The cottage architect for a property set in Muskoka will find the appropriate design for it, different from the house architecture for a lot in the city. In each locality, the zoning bylaws are different, and so too is the landscape, climate, natural light and servicing.

Design philosophy

Our design philosophy is very simple: there are no formulaic designs, because each client is unique. Our role is to express the client’s spirit in the design of their building.

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