Haliburton Home

New cottage — Big Redstone Lake, Haliburton

On our first visit to this rugged part of Haliburton, we were shown a breathtaking property on which a sheer granite escarpment, visible from miles away, stepped back from Redstone Lake just enough for a cottage to be built.

The Owners asked us if we could take advantage of this modest terrace when planning their home. Our answer was to step the main spaces of the house down the escarpment, under a cascade of roofs.

A double-storey Lookout has a screened porch on the upper level and an open porch below. The Lookout is angled toward an opening in the treeline to take in sweeping views of the lake.

In the Lookout, open-air dining takes place under a cathedral ceiling of exposed rafters. The Lookout has a spectacular view of the Lake.

The Living Room features a limestone fireplace and driftwood chandeliers. Off the Living Room, facing the lake view, is a long verandah.

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